Bruno Mars

Dirty Imagine. Not comfortable with the idea? Don’t read it:) she wrote it.

C A U T I O N this might make you horny.

People have been complaining on why I don’t do any Justin Bieber Imagines anymore. I’m so sorry! I just get too many Requests and I don’t want to dissapoint them. BUT I promise the next Imagine will definatly be a Juzten one:3 i love him so much hehe.

Follow us? :)

Your look goes down his body. You touch Bruno’s abs. With a innocent look you stare back in his face. He finds it so sexy. He can’t hold it back and kisses you. He gently bites your bottom lip. You get up from the couch and kneel down in front of him. His cock is hard again. You kiss it, followed by a few licks. You wrap your lips around it and suck it. You move your head back and forth as your hands work on his balls. He is enjoying it all and so do you. You love how the sound of pleasure quietly leaves his lips, the feeling of his hard cock in your mouth and the way he pulls your hair a bit. The pressure builds up and he is about to cum. He groans helplessly. He shoots his load inside your mouth, then he slips out from between your lips and spurts the rest on your face. It runs down your face to your chin and drips down on your boobs. The lust is now writ on your face. He stares at you and smiles. “I’m right back!” Bruno says and leaves. As he comes back with a towel you already lay on the couch with closed eyes. Your mouth is opened a little and quiet moans leave your lips as you touch yourself. He wipes up the cum on your boobs a bit. Now he is on top of you, kisses you. His hands feel the lovely form of your boobs. You run your hands through his hair. His right hand makes his way down your body. He slides two fingers between your warm, wet lips. Teasing your hard nipples with one hand and rubbing your pussy with the other one turns him on and your kiss gets more intensive. Suddenly he stops and kneels down behind your feet. He hooks up your legs over his shoulders. You cross your ankles behind his neck as he enters you slowly. Then he starts thrusting. Overpowered by the feeling of your filled pussy, you whimper in pace with his pounding. Among the sound of passion and pleasure you work each other. Sweaty skin pressed against each other. Kissing. Licking. Flesh slapping. A few slow but hard thrusts make you moan louder. Then he pulls out and puts your legs down from his shoulders. “Go on your knees!” he says breathing fast. You do what he says. Grabbing your hip with one hand and slapping your ass with the other he groans. His hands digs in your hips as you feel his cock on your wet pussy. He rubs you a little with it until he slams his cock back inside of you. His body moves back and forth and so does yours. Your boobs swing sensually. The speed of your lovemaking builds up. Both your moans become louder. Forcefully he leans against your back making love from behind. He pulls your beautiful, long, brown hair so you arch your back. His balls smack against your pussy as he grasps your boobs. He thrusts harder inside you. You feel your juice running down your thighs when you tighten your pussy muscles. “Oh holy shit! Yes!” you scream out and start rubbing your clit softly. Sounds of pleasure escape his lips. “Oh gosh, i want your cum inside me!” you moan as loud as you can. As soon as you said that he bounces harder and deeper inside your wet pussy. You hand presses harder against your clit and you reach climax. Then he cums. Over and over again he shots his load inside you. Delighted at the feeling of his warm juice inside you, you moan passionately. As soon as he is done he pulls out and falls down next to you on the couch, breathless. You collapse as well. You both breath heavily. “That was great!” you pant. He agrees by kissing you. You stroke his hair with one hand and his back with the other one. He stares in your eyes and smiles. You know he is as happy as you are right now. He sits up and you lay your head against his chest. He wraps his arms around you and you cuddle. You do this a while until he kisses you forehead and says ” Baby, I can’t believe that I’ve found you. You are the best that ever happened to me. I love you.” You turn around, look at him. “Aww baby.” Your hands touch his cheeks and pull him closer. A tear runs down your cheek as you kiss him. “Baby, I love you too, soo much! I don’t know how I deserve someone so perfect.” You kiss him again and don’t want this moment to end.

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