Justin Bieber

Dirty Justin Bieber Imagine

Nothing is or ever will come true. This is a Dirty Imagine. If you are not comfortable with the idea then don’t read it. #noh8 Follow me? (: It’d mean SO much if you did!

It was a saturday night. You spend a lot of time writing on the story you wrote. Justin told you, that you had the potential to being an author. You personally thought that they were just stupid words that mixed up in your head, but as it seems some people actually did like it. At least Justin and your Friends. ‘I’m home!’ Justin called out of the Living Room. ‘Yeah Babe I’m in our Room!’ You called back. He came over and gave you a light kiss before breaking it and saying ‘I’ll go have a Shower baby. Be right back.’ ‘Okay’ You reply and he already started stripping on his way to the bathroom, revealing his perfect Chest. You smirked. Justin just continued his way into the bathroom, leaving you by your own with your story. You heard Justin singing a sexy song in his low voice. That’s when you imagine him being one with you. You sweating all over him and moaning each others names. Him thrusting in and out of you. Making passionate Love to you. ‘Alex?’ He said getting you back from your thoughts. You shook your head. ‘Yeah Babe?’ You said looking at him. He was already conpletly dressed. He looked at you, smiled and looked back at your writings. ‘Can I read it?’ He asked. ‘Sure.’ You said handing it over to him. He read it, laughing. ‘What’s so funny?’ You ask a bit pissed and curious. ‘Is that what you want me to do to you?’ He said giggling and smirking, ‘Make you moan my name?’ He asked me. ‘What?!’ I said quickly before walking over to him and reading the last bit. ‘Oh no.’ I said shaking my head a bit. I accidently wrote all my dirty imagines about Justin down. Oh no. ‘Justin..’ I mumbled, unable to find any words. ‘Its fine babe. Who says i don’t want to do these things to you?’ He said raising an eyebrow and comming closer to me. He laughed again and pressed his lips on mine. Sucking on my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I gladly gave in and opened my mouth, releasing a moan into his mouth. As our tongues fighted for dominance, he tugged at my shirt, asking for approval of taking it off. I grabbed his hand, never letting go of our french kissing session and guided him up my shirt. He straddled me, rubbing all over my chest and taking his hands out later on to quickly take off my shirt, which caused us to break the kiss, which gave me the oppertunity to quickly open his belt. And pull his pants down. I could see his growing buldge through his boxers. I looked at him, biting my lower lip. He picked me up, starting to make out again. ‘Justinnn’ I moaned. ‘Moan my name babe’ Justin groaned. He broke the kiss and sucked on my neck. Marking ne on several Spots. ‘Alex…’ He moaned loud as You straddled him. He carried you to the bed and put you down, never letting go of your lips. You tugged at his shirt and slid your hands up his chest, being able to feel every single ab of his. Damn how that turned you on. You slid up more and more at his chest, which caused the Shirt to Lift up, revealing his bare chest. You pulled back of the kiss and looked at him. Biting your lip once again. He squeezed your breasts playfully and moved his hands to his back, uncliping your bra and throwing it across the room. ‘You so sexy shawty’ He wispered in your ear seductivly. That send you over the edge. You couldn’t wait any longer. You needed him. Now. You ripped of his Boxers, revealing his Hard on. You moaned at the sight of it. ‘Justin…’ You moaned again. You quickly undid your Pants and threw your Thong off. You didn’t want to waste any time. You watched Justins Cock growing even more if that was even possible. He looked at you. Licking his lips before he went even closer to you, sucking on your neck, earning several light moans from you. ‘Alex… I want you so bad’ He said. ‘Then take me’ You pleaded. ‘He lifted you up by your tights, causing you to wrap your legs around him. ‘Justin.. Please. I want you so bad’ You almost whined. You couldn’t take it anymore. He was such a stupid tease. ‘How much do you want me?’ He asked again, teasing you more. As you realised he wasn’t going to give you what you want any time soon, you lowered yourself a bit, him still holding you tight, causing him to enter you . The feeling was incredible and you threw your head back in pleasure. ‘Go deeper Justin..’ You maniged to moan loud. He pressed his full length into you, slowly, Making you moan more and scratch his back. You felt every inch he moved more into you. Going deeper and deeper. He was already sweating. You could see the wrinkles on his Forehead,. He was so concentraded. ‘Alex..’ He moaned as you began sucking on his neck. He pressed you up against the wall, him still inside, Moving out fast untill just the tip stayed inside and pressed it slowly back in, making you feel every inch he went in more. ‘Fuck yeahhh’ You moaned. He pressed slowly in and out and in an out. ‘Faster babe..’ You said. He picked up the pace, slamming his dick into you. You could feel his balls banging against you. He stopped, but didn’t pull out. He went to the bed, putting you on it slowly. You released your legs off of him and he started moving again. This time not so fast, but really hard. ‘Ohhh babe.’ You screamed, letting out all your pleasure. He started slamming his dick into you, making your boobs shake up and down. He grabbed one of them with his hand and massaged it. ‘Juhhh-Justiinnn’ you said. You could manage to say anything else. He kept thrusting hard. ‘Alex.. I’m close’ He said, sweat running down his face. ‘Mehhh Tooo. Fuck yeah babe keep going.’ He hit your G-Spot over and over, and with one final thrust he exploded inside you, slowly riding out of his climax. He didn’t pull out though, he kept going untill you reached your High too. You felt how your Body stiffened and your legs started shaking. ‘Fuckkkk yeah Justaaaaaaan’ You screamed out. He slowly stopped once you finished and pulled out. ‘I should maybe sing in the shower more often.’ He said with a wink. ‘Yeah maybe’ You said smirking. He lied down next to you and smiled at you. ‘Shawty?’ He asked you. ‘Yeah Beeburr?’ You asked him. ‘Ready for Round two?’ He asked.

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