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Justin Bieber

FINALLY A JUSTIN ONE! For the ones that asked ;)

This is a Dirty Imagine, not comfortable with the idea? Don’t read then. Please follow us for more dirty imagines or normal fanfics DAILY!

'I can take you out, I can take you out..' You kept starring at that Boyfriend of yours. “Juztennnnn.. enough singing. Just fuck me already.” you begged. But no, Justin decided to be a fucking tease. “No babe, I have to practise my singing, for the show tonight.”, he said serious. “You know it’s not like I don’t like your singing, it’s just that you start fingering me while we’re eating dinner with your parents and then you’re being a stupid tease.”, you argued back. “Fine.”, Justin smirked and looked at you while biting his lip. “Fuck (Y/N) you’re so hot. I’m going to fuck you against my tour bus wall so hard, you’re going to not be able to walk until my tour is over. Then I’ll still fuck you cause I’m a horny ass. Leggo Shawty.” You loved it when he talked dirty to you. It was the biggest turn on ever. “Fuck me Justin.”, you replied seductively. “So hard baby..” Justin answered, already undoing his pants. He threw them off and pulled off his shirt, coming your way. “Justin, please hurry up. I can’t right now, I need your throbbing hard dick in my wet, soaking pussy right fucking now.”, you hated him for being a tease. It was so disturbing, although it was a really big turn on. “So you want me to push my long, thick, throbbing cock into your pussy? You want that baby?” and here we go again with the teasing. You got up and pushed him against a wall, french kissed him and started pumping him with your hand You earned tons of groans from your boyfriend.You undressed yourself while he cummed. You jumped on him, causing him to enter you. Like automatically he started thrusting and swapping sides with you, so you were pressed against the wall. He grabbed your boob and squeezed them. “Ju- JUSTIN.” Why were all the beliebers right? He was a fucking sex god. He kept thrusting and jamming his cock into you. Thump, thump, thump. You banged your head with every thrust against the wall. He went faster, pushing deeper into you. He went so hard.. “I’m gonna cum baby.” He said, kissing you and biting your lip. He’s so hot at this.. “Me too.. I want your cum inside of me JUSTIN!” You moaned so loud, you wondered what others would think. That’s when Justin cummed again, making you cum after him. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. “Round two on the bed though baby.”,he said, grinning.

Anonymous: "Am I Too Young To Love Justin ?? I Am Thirteen And I Am 100% In Love With Him !!"

i don’t think age should matter, but you see you’re not the only one on this earth i bet lol

flyinglikearockettothesky: "I was just wondering when you were gonna upload a new story... Justin Bieber?! Plwwwwwwweeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeee?!"

of course :)

dirty bieber style (;

Anonymous: "New stories?! Pleaseeeeee"

i just uploaded one :)

Bruno Mars

Dirty Imagine. Not comfortable with the idea? Don’t read it:) she wrote it.

C A U T I O N this might make you horny.

People have been complaining on why I don’t do any Justin Bieber Imagines anymore. I’m so sorry! I just get too many Requests and I don’t want to dissapoint them. BUT I promise the next Imagine will definatly be a Juzten one:3 i love him so much hehe.

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Your look goes down his body. You touch Bruno’s abs. With a innocent look you stare back in his face. He finds it so sexy. He can’t hold it back and kisses you. He gently bites your bottom lip. You get up from the couch and kneel down in front of him. His cock is hard again. You kiss it, followed by a few licks. You wrap your lips around it and suck it. You move your head back and forth as your hands work on his balls. He is enjoying it all and so do you. You love how the sound of pleasure quietly leaves his lips, the feeling of his hard cock in your mouth and the way he pulls your hair a bit. The pressure builds up and he is about to cum. He groans helplessly. He shoots his load inside your mouth, then he slips out from between your lips and spurts the rest on your face. It runs down your face to your chin and drips down on your boobs. The lust is now writ on your face. He stares at you and smiles. “I’m right back!” Bruno says and leaves. As he comes back with a towel you already lay on the couch with closed eyes. Your mouth is opened a little and quiet moans leave your lips as you touch yourself. He wipes up the cum on your boobs a bit. Now he is on top of you, kisses you. His hands feel the lovely form of your boobs. You run your hands through his hair. His right hand makes his way down your body. He slides two fingers between your warm, wet lips. Teasing your hard nipples with one hand and rubbing your pussy with the other one turns him on and your kiss gets more intensive. Suddenly he stops and kneels down behind your feet. He hooks up your legs over his shoulders. You cross your ankles behind his neck as he enters you slowly. Then he starts thrusting. Overpowered by the feeling of your filled pussy, you whimper in pace with his pounding. Among the sound of passion and pleasure you work each other. Sweaty skin pressed against each other. Kissing. Licking. Flesh slapping. A few slow but hard thrusts make you moan louder. Then he pulls out and puts your legs down from his shoulders. “Go on your knees!” he says breathing fast. You do what he says. Grabbing your hip with one hand and slapping your ass with the other he groans. His hands digs in your hips as you feel his cock on your wet pussy. He rubs you a little with it until he slams his cock back inside of you. His body moves back and forth and so does yours. Your boobs swing sensually. The speed of your lovemaking builds up. Both your moans become louder. Forcefully he leans against your back making love from behind. He pulls your beautiful, long, brown hair so you arch your back. His balls smack against your pussy as he grasps your boobs. He thrusts harder inside you. You feel your juice running down your thighs when you tighten your pussy muscles. “Oh holy shit! Yes!” you scream out and start rubbing your clit softly. Sounds of pleasure escape his lips. “Oh gosh, i want your cum inside me!” you moan as loud as you can. As soon as you said that he bounces harder and deeper inside your wet pussy. You hand presses harder against your clit and you reach climax. Then he cums. Over and over again he shots his load inside you. Delighted at the feeling of his warm juice inside you, you moan passionately. As soon as he is done he pulls out and falls down next to you on the couch, breathless. You collapse as well. You both breath heavily. “That was great!” you pant. He agrees by kissing you. You stroke his hair with one hand and his back with the other one. He stares in your eyes and smiles. You know he is as happy as you are right now. He sits up and you lay your head against his chest. He wraps his arms around you and you cuddle. You do this a while until he kisses you forehead and says ” Baby, I can’t believe that I’ve found you. You are the best that ever happened to me. I love you.” You turn around, look at him. “Aww baby.” Your hands touch his cheeks and pull him closer. A tear runs down your cheek as you kiss him. “Baby, I love you too, soo much! I don’t know how I deserve someone so perfect.” You kiss him again and don’t want this moment to end.

Anonymous: "Make more Justin ones!"

to be honest i’m such a belieber like i love justin so much. idek why i dont do them:$ give me an idea! x

Anonymous: "omg i love your dirty imagines, please keep writing them (: xx"

omg staap it yew(‘:

One Direction Orgy

This is a dirty imagine. If you’re not comfortable with the idea, don’t read it. Nothing is or will ever come true.

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It was a friday night, You and your bestfriend Harry made your way to the 1D house. It was a huge mansion and you loved being together with the band. They were hilarious and fun to be around. You entered the door, it was dark. The curtains were all closed and you couldn’t see a thing.

"Harry? What is this?" you asked quietly without moving anymore, You were scared. "Don’t be scared (Y/N).. We’ve planned this a while a go you know. We want to sleep with you (Y/N)." Zayn said and suddenly you felt a hand under your shirt and lips over your neck. This wasn’t what you wanted, you wanted to see them. "Turn on the Lights please." You firmly asked. "No, you have to figure out who’s doing what to you." Niall said a bit strict, what.is.this. "Alright, somebody will touch you now, Guess who it is and you’ll get rewarded, refuse or guess wrong, you’ll get punished.." You couldn’t figure out who said that but you didn’t mind. Lips started brushing over your hand, kiss, kiss, kiss, lick, kiss the lips were on your neck now, working their magic there. Ughhh.. you moaned loud. You wanted a dick inside you now. “I want you guys to fuck me..” You moaned. “First you have to have three right guesses (Y/N)..” Alright, think.. who could it be? “Zayn.” you tried. “Correct.” Someone said. The lips left you and you felt hands wrapping your waist from behind.

"Louis." You said without him doing anymore. "Ohhh, how did you know?Not fair." He said. Next you felt a pair of hands going straight into your panties and started fingering you. The hands were quickly and they curled when they were fully inside, therefor it must be Harry. "Styles." "Alright (Y/N) you guessed all. Now I’ll fuck you all night.." Harry said again, you lifted you up and threw you down. A small lamp was turned on, you could see everyone. They were all naked. Unf.. You just wanted to get fucked. You quickly undid your clothes an threw them to the ground. You grabbed Harry, pulled him down on the bed with you and started pumping him, he was huge. It took you two seconds to go down his whole length quickly. You started licking hi. He grunted and picked you up, he out you on his dick and pushed you down on it. It felt so good, every inch you could feel. He was stroking your walls and pushed it deep, deep and even deeper. You started riding him. Up and down and Up and down., You started off slow.Then you became quicker. Harry started thrusting a bit. He stopped and put you off him.

"Get on your hands and knees" Niall demanded. You did what he said. He went below you and pushed his long Irish cock into your wet pussy. He sled it in all the way. Louis came and took you from behind. Liam pushed his long dick inside your mouth and you gave him a blowjob. Harry was still breathing hard so you left him out. You grabbed Zayn and pulled him to you and started giving his dick a hand job. Niall thrusted so soft. You wanted it rough. Niall came inside you. Liam was next. He was fast, but sloppy. Not much later he came too. The cum was running down your legs. Zayn thrusted inside you quickly and didn’t give you any time to adjust. "Fuckkkkkk Zayn harder." You scremead in pleasure. He thrusted faster and harder. You felt your walls tighten around his dick and you came.

"I hope you’re satisfied now (Y/N)" all of them said in union.

Anonymous: "are you going to continue the dirty cody simpson imagine?"

i did already.

Cody Simpson Imagine (Dirty) Pt. 2/2

You moaned again. Cody, fuck.. you moaned over and over again. “Woah, (y/n) what you doin.” Cody said while licking his lips. You put your hands away from your pussy and looked at him, still keeping your legs spread. You didnt care anymore, you didn’t care about that he forgot, nothing, you just wanted to fuck him all night through rough and hard, show him all your emotions and satisfy your needs. You put your hands on your pussy again and stuckone finger into your hole. Nice and deep. You moved it in and out and in and out, just so he could see it. He was supposed to convince you to fuck him. “(y/n).” He shouted firmly, trying to keep himself together. “I am the one supposed to be fucking you, not your finger.” He said. “Fuck me then.” You moaned. He quickly got undressed. You kept masturbating infront of him. You had to satisfy yourself with something while he took awfully long to get undressed. He out your hand away and then, finally, stuck his long dick inside you. He went hard, deep and slowly pulled out again, then he stuck it into you again and started moving. In and out and In and Out. He starting thrusting. That when he turned you around and you were now sitting on him. Ride me , he said smirking at you. You put your hands next to him and moved your pussy up and down and up and down on his dick. You loved the feeling.Fuck he was so deep inside. Ughh, you moanded all the time. Fuck this unf. You went faster and harder, not giving yourself anytime to adjust, thats when you felt this familiar tense build up and you started cumming as an orgasm rushed through your body.

He turned you around, he still hadnt cum. He thrusted again, it started to hurt a little, but you didnt mind, he was so fucking deep inside. Thats when you felt him shoot inside you. It felt so good you had to Orgasm again.

"Happy Anniversary Baby." He said and kissed you.